Travelada is a members only discount travel membership program that has been in business since 1985. With more than a 200,000 member base we've performed on hundreds of thousands of vacation and travel requests giving unprecedented value to our members. One of the hallmarks of our concept is to present our clients with services at prices that essentially remove at least one of the links in the chain of travel markup.

Travelada has experienced management and strong resources; a name unequaled for quality and innovation. Travelada is raising the bar for industry standards every day. We are an organization of talented, seasoned professionals representing many years of combined travel experience with a philosophy that says each member deserves a high quality affordably price vacation experience. Travelada has the resources to ensure excellence every step of the way.

We stand alone in our dedication to member service and value and we maintain the philosophy that our members are the greatest and most valuable assets that we own. For our members worldwide, we are committed to living up to our reputation as being the very best. 

Membership has its privileges! 

Travelada provides its members with:

  •     700,000 hotels & motels, up to 65% off
  •     Condos up to 75% with thousands of weeks to choose from
  •     No fee air ticketing
  •     Discount Cruises: up to 50% off
  •     Discount tours, packages and all inclusives
  •     Up to 50% Off On:
    1.             Amusement Parks
    2.             Theme Parks
    3.             Tourist Attractions
    4.             Golf
    5.             Skiing & Snowboarding
    6.             Camping
  •     Discounted car rentals
  •     Houseboat and motor home rentals
  •     24 hr. worldwide concierge services
  •     Discounts On:
    1.             Restaurants
    2.             Movie Theaters
    3.             Automotive
    4.             Health & Beauty Aids
  •     Weekly newsletter with hundreds of specials: Condos, Cruises, Hotels, and Vacation packages at
  •     After travel bonuses of 5% to 12%. For after travel bonuses to apply, applicable travel must be commissionable.

Frequently Asked Questions

and Membership Information

Q: What does my membership entitle me to? Also, are there any guidelines I can refer to?
A: Your membership includes many wonderful perks and facets of savings! You can consult your Acknowledgement and Bylaws form that accompanies your membership materials. You signed and initialed this form as a part of opening a new membership. It extensively details the many facets of your membership. You may also check out your Certificate of Membership for additional information on membership benefits.

Q: Can I book my trip on the website, or should I call in to your office and speak with a travel planner?
A: You can book over 90% of travel offered online. You may request a call back or more details via e-mail for all other travel needs. Prices change constantly and in order to get the very best prices for our members, we ask that they allow our agents to search for them. For condos, you may search our website for properties and book online. If you don't find what you're looking for, you may also call in or place a special request with our travel planners.

Q: I have heard that my membership entitles me to after travel bonuses. What does this mean?
A: Members are entitled to after travel bonuses when applicable. These bonuses are entirely based on commissionable bookings that our members make. After travel cash bonuses are distributed back to our members 60-90 days after they have traveled. Please note that all information pertaining to after travel bonuses will only be discussed with the primary account holders. Additionally, any trips you have us book for other guests will also entitle you to receive their after travel bonus.

Q: I need to book a vehicle. Can I expect discounts on RV rentals, cars, motorcycles, etc?
A: Please note that there are only minimal savings on vehicle rentals. These savings are more extensively addressed in your Acknowledgement and Bylaws form.

Q: Where will I see the biggest savings in my travels?
A: Condos, cruises and vacation packages always yield the highest amounts of savings.

Q: What is the "Specials Deals" link I see on your website?
A: Specials consist of four different categories: Condos, Cruises, Hotels, International Packages and Vacation Packages. Specials have specific departure points, locations and dates that must be adhered to if you wish to access them. Specials cannot be modified except add-on airfares which will add additional expense to the trip.

Q: My Certificate of Membership states that the club offers hotels at up to 65% off, yet the Acknowledgement and Bylaws states that the savings on hotels can be "minimal, if any". What does this mean?
A: The "up to 65%" discounts are based upon "rack" or standard room rates that hotels might charge a walk in client. Services like, Travelocity, and Expedia often purchase billions of dollars of room nights in advance giving them a huge price discount advantage. These sites have become extremely popular and well publicized among consumers, thereby becoming another pricing standard other than "rack" rates. We can often give our members an after travel bonus of whatever commissions those sites pay (typically 4% to 5 %), if our agents make the booking.

Q: How do I access the Weekly Newsletter?
A: We email you the link to our newsletter weekly. It is broken down into travel specials in four main categories: Condos, Cruises, Vacation Packages and Mini Vacations, in addition to other lodging choices such as Rustic Cabins. If you are not receiving your newsletter link, please check your spam blocker to enable the link to come through.

Q: Does the club sell its services to companies like, Travelocity, Expedia,, etc.?
A: The club only provides services to its private members.

Q: What I need to know about...

Airfare – Quoting time is same day to 48 hours. There are no discounts available on airfare, so the prices we obtain reflect the very best prices that are available at the time of booking. Our quotes reflect all applicable taxes, fees, etc. We never charge any booking fees for your airfare quote.

Cruises – Quoting time is approx 7 days. Our cruise quotes reflect all applicable taxes, fees, etc. Additionally, both and our "specials" link contain additional cruise deals and information. Members are entitled to after travel bonuses on cruises subject to the amount of commission paid to Travel Services for booking.

Condos – Quoting time is approx 2-6 weeks for special requests. You may also book at any time on our website. We price our condos through private vendors and large companies alike, so price quotes may require more time to complete. Condos are subject to availability. Please note that condo rentals run by the week, typically Saturday to Saturday. Private properties offer limited discounts as the owners do not handle a large number of properties. Please note that any discounts you may receive on condo properties will be up to 75% off the rack or standard rate. Again, our quotes include any and all taxes, fees, etc.

Condo Hot Weeks – Booking time is approx 48-72 hours. All condo hot weeks that are available are listed on the website. Check the "specials" link and click on "condos". As new weeks become available, we will add them to the specials page. All weeks listed on the specials page are applicable only to the weeks specified.

Hotel Properties – Quoting time is approx 72 hours. For exact property requests, we make every attempt to provide quotes within 72 hours. If your travel dates are immediate, we will accommodate that request and quote as soon as we possibly can. Please note that the discounts available on hotel properties are up to 65% off the rack or standard rate and are subject to availability. Budget hotels and "mom and pop" type properties typically do not offer discounts or pay commissions of any kind. Therefore, our quotes for these types of properties are typically "as is".

Tour – Quoting time is approx 7 days. For your basic tour requests, we will keep you updated along the way and make every effort to provide you with a price quote within 7 days. For more customized tour itineraries, price quoting will be dependant upon the type of request and amenities specified. Please be aware that our tour vendors do not make their inventories available more than six months prior to specified travel dates.

Remember! Deep discounts on properties are typically directly related to the quality of the property. "Cheap" is not always the best value."

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